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Abaasaheb Shewale is a Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India-based artist.


He currently holds four world records. Three more records will be added to the list in the near future. Art is both his passion and his way of life. He is a self-taught artist. As a constant experimenter, he strives to push his creativity to its limits every day.

He has worked with push pin artwork and various materials for the past 8 years.


He is a mosaic artist, 3D animator, and set decorator in addition to being a mosaic artist. He creates art out of waste materials.

He has made over 100 push-pin mosaics for celebrities since 2012.


A national record holder for the most pushpin portraits (2016) as well as a world record holder for the largest paper bag mosaic (2019). He has also created a number of pencil portraits of notable people.


His work was displayed at the 2015 International Tennis Premier League in Delhi. His formal education consists of a Diploma in Animation.


He has received numerous awards in the film, portrait, and mosaic categories.


​The majority of his works have been exhibited and have received widespread acclaim. This collection includes a variety of portraits. They have used pushpins, paper bags, lamps, tailoring material, and chess pieces in novel ways.


* Best Modeling & Texturing Award from Gravity Maac Vashi-2009

* 24 FPS 3d movie Manguchiya Best Lighting Nomination-2011

* Best 3D short film award in Bhumika Film Festival-2011

* Legends of Maac, Andheri-2014

* Limca Book Of Records : “Most Portraits of Push-pins -2016

* Artist Ocean Mumbai Awards & Rewards "Outstanding concept"-2016

* IIT-Bombay MOOD INDIGO-2016


* Pushpin artworks were presented to M S Dhoni  2013

* Pushpin artworks were presented to Amitabh Bachchan 2013

* International Tennis Premier League-2015 at Delhi (Solo) 2015

* Exhibition at Kala Bhavan, Thane (Group Exhibition)  2015

* IIT-Bombay MOOD INDIGO (Group Exhibition) 2016

* Artist Ocean Mumbai Awards & Rewards (Group Exhibition) 2016

* Largest paper bag mosaic portrait of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ( 2018) 

* World’s Largest Clay Diya Mosaic of Virat Kholi ( 14x9.5) ( 2018 )

* World's Largest chess piece Mosaic of MS Dhoni - 20x30ft  ( 2019)

* Laregst Pushpin Mosaic  8x6 ( 2019 )

Meet The Team

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-09 at 1.11.55 PM.

Priyanka Babhale

Legal Advisor

Babhale lawyers and legal

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-05 at 7.08.47 PM.

Rushikesh Suhas Zagade

Actor | Artist


Gaurav Khedkar

Professional photographer & cinematographer


Ranjan Saha

Financial Advisor


Kiran Kudpane

3D Animatior | Video Composer


Rupesh Tandel

3D Visualizer | Artist

Abaa Art


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